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Image Item Name Accession number Description Type of Object
1912 Bank Book/Check Register 2003.032.002

1912 check register found in walls at 29 Myrtle Ave, Millburn.

Bank Book
1953 Millburn High School Millwheel yearbook 2003.034.001

Hardcover 1953 Millburn High School Millwheel yearbook.

1938 Township of Millburn Peddler's License 2003.036.002

Metal 1938 Township of Millburn Peddler's License #10 Green background, white raised letters.

License, Occupational
1937 Private Scavenger License 2003.036.001

1937 Millburn, New Jersey private scavenger license, white background, black raised letters, meta

License, Occupational
"Fireplace in Lobby" Paper Mill Playhouse Postcard 2003.036.003

Early view of Paper Mill Playhouse interior; "Fireplace in Lobby."

1928 MHS Millwheel 2003.037.001

A red 1928 Millburn High School Millwheel yearbook.

Bottle Opener 2003.038.001

A rusted bottle opener with a celluloid (?) handle from the early 1900's found in the garden behi

Opener, Bottle
1927 photo of MHS 2003.037.002

Print of photo of 1927 MHS, cut from 1927 Millwheel (not cut out by historical society).

MHS 1934 Commencement Program 2008.082.002a, 2008.082.002b

Millburn High School class of 1934 commencement invitation.

Edward T. Johnson calling card 2003.037.004

Edward T. Johnson calling card.

Card, Calling
Three-Sheet Letter w/ Fred'k Crane Chemical Letterhd 2004.001.001, 2004.001.002, 2004.001.003, 2004.001.004

Three-sheet (six-pages) letter with the Frederick Crane Chemical Company letterhead -- and the en

Vonnie Geyer, Realtor glass paperweight and box 2003.039.001, 2003.039.002

Glass paperweight with a real-photo photo of the Vonnie Geyer Realtor's office at 525 Millburn Av

B/W Photo of Wittkop House 2003.024.002

B/W photo of the former Wittkop house at the corner of Millburn Ave and Rawley Place ("uphill fro

One size nine dressmaker's form 2004.002.001

Ca. 1915(?) dressmaker's form with metal lower cage and four heavy, metal, wheeled legs.

Form, Dress
Wilbur Denman Shaving Mug 1976.004.001

Glazed ceramic personalized shaving mug marked, "Wilbur Denman.

Mug, Shaving