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Image Item Name Accession number Description Type of Object
D.F. DeBellis Metal Sign 2008.005.001

Painted metal sign for "D.F.

May 21, 1955 Millburn Theater Kiddie Show Ticket 2011.007.001

Millburn Theater ticket for a free 10:00 a.m. kiddie show on Saturday morning, May 21, 1955.

Stewart Hartshorn Advertising Glass Paperweight 2012.004.001

Glass advertising paperweight for Stewart Hartshorn's shade roller business.

Architectural Record June 1962 2008.090.001

This 316-page June 1962 Architectural Record magazine has a 4-page (170-173) article about the in

Rimback Storage Company Fallout Shelter Sign 2012.002.001

1954 Fallout Shelter sign from Rimback Storage Company building formerly at 161 Spring Street, Mi

Yogg and Company "Happy Easter" Table Card 2007.060.001

Lithograph on cardboard cut-out table decoration in bright colors.

Table Card
1879 Springfield Presbyterian Church oratorio program 2012.001.003

1879 program for a production of "Oratorio of Esther, The Beautiful Queen" at the Springfield Pre

Glass Plate Negative of Hartshorn's Windmill Tower 2011.058.003a, 2011.058.003b

Large 5" x 7" glass plate negative; image is Stewart Hartshorn's former windmill, then just a det

Negative, Glass Plate
1866 Envelope to Miss Odessa Reeves 2011.049.001

Twice-used envelope sent once in 1864(?) to Post Master (P.M.) Merwinsburg, PA, then refolded, in

1885 Invoice from Stewart Hartshorn Co to SJ Meeker 2011.052.001

Invoice/receipt to Mr. S.J.

Cancelled 1939 Envelope Commemorating the Dedication of the Millburn PO 1999.046.001

Commemorative envelope (first day cover?) marking the dedication of the Millburn Post Office.

"The Fandango Mills" Small Hardcover Book 2011.050.001

Small hardcover book created by print-on-demand online site, on the history of the Fandango Mills

Cancelled Envelope Addressed to Frank B. Jewett Jr 2008.083.001

Cancelled empty envelope sent in 1929 from Frank B. Jewett to Frank B.

Mario's Matchbook/Matchcover 2011.046.001

Matchbook from Mario's, on Main Street in Millburn. Matches removed for safety.

1907 St. Stephen's "How to Cook" Book 2011.045.001a, 2011.045.001b, 2011.045.001c

1907 22-page paper cover "How to Cook" book from St. Stephen's Church in "Milburn" NJ.

Book, Cookbook